About Sarah Jane

My goal in this lifetime is empower, heal and transform my own path so that in turn it can echo out to the Universe. I wish to work with the frequencies of light and bring it to the dark places of the world by being of service to others through growth, kindness and transformation of myself. My motto that I live by is ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’.

I hopeSarah-Jane that through this incredible force of change in the planets ascension at this tremendous time that we can expand our auras to become beacons of light, so that people will want to step into it and join you in a place of peace.

I wish to become a torch bearer for peace, self – empowerment and to inhabit a planet that extends compassion to all humans and creatures on this Earth. This can be achieved through living your truth, being your light and being love.

I wish to see women restored to their rightful position in our patriarchal society. I wish to see the path of the Goddess in every part of society, supporting each other together combining feminine strength and gentleness to bring back balance to a very confused world.


I would like to see healers everywhere either working alone or in groups, whether it is hands on healing, meditation groups, art, music, writing, working the land, the environment or helping others. Imagine healers in all parts of society, bringing in love to all kinds of work: hospitals, law, accountancy, construction, film making or community workers, the list is endless. As there is no particular belief system or special skills required to do this imagine the gains we could make.

I would most of all like to witness a great avalanche of kindness, extended to all and to be part of that great honour to serve others.

My workshops and courses are designed to help you discover that you have these unique gifts already and that you only need the tools and the confidence to find the best teacher – which is of course you.

Through many years of experience and rigorous training and self – development I hope that we can discover an exciting adventure together.




I am a Usui & Angelic Reiki Master & Teacher. I hold a Diploma as a Meditation facilitator, & have many bodywork qualifications. I have recently designed my own healing programme launching soon called Lemurian Healing.