Angelic Light (and how to use it)

  If you had said to me 10 years ago I would be working with Angelic energy I would have probably snorted with laughter.  I could never understand the whole ‘angelic thing’ – my whole perception and limitations were caught up in either Angels were too ‘religiousy’ (not a word I know!) or a bit ‘odd’… View Article

What does the term Reiki Master mean to you?

Do you fall into the Master Yoda or the Annekin Skywalker camp? Well actually although I’m joking, apart from the perpetual Star Wars jokes aimed at me when my family first heard I was learning the healing art of Reiki (or to use The Force) as they so bluntly put it, there are some important points… View Article

The Temple Path – A journey to your sacred self.

I have just been on a trip to see some of the ancient sacred and historical sites of Malta of which there are many, from the Knights Templar cathedral of St John to the 3,600 year old Neolithic Temples and the atmospheric Silent City of Mdina with its convents and monasteries. In fact Mdina was the highlight as… View Article

My Reiki Story

I had been suffering with a very painful condition in my jaw called TMJ, which was caused by grinding and clenching my teeth. My jaw clicked constantly, I had an almost permanent headache and even had to have dental work done to some of my shattered teeth. For years I tried various consultants, none of… View Article

Hebridean Meditation Retreat, Calgary Castle, Mull

My Meditation Retreat is booked for September 2015 at Calgary Castle, Calgary Bay on the stunning Hebridean Island of Mull, Scotland. Prices and details coming soon. This retreat will feature 5 nights & 4 days of blissful meditation (on the beach if the weather is kind), wonderful local vegetarian food, Yin Yoga with Marilyn and a… View Article