Animal Soul Freedom Meditation

This event is on June 21, 2018 7:30 pm

Are you called to work for animal liberation and harmony for all?
This group meditation takes place on the powerful energies of the Solstice, is for those called to be healers for the exploited animals on the planet. The goal is to locate your own Power animal to learn your gifts for assistance to the animal kingdom and to use those gifts to help move the animals souls that were born into slavery and abuse from repeated reincarnation into the prison cycle of the Matrix.
On this night we will use a powerful meditation developed by Australian healers Anne Kennedy and Caterina Ligato: directing magnified heart energy into crystals to free the souls of calves trapped in the recycling system of suffering of the dairy and meat industry.
We will also be directing healing to all places of immense suffering and low vibration such as slaughterhouses, and send light to the hearts and soul stars of men and women around the planet to lift the state of consciousness to compassion, empathy and oneness with all living beings.


This is vital work for us to be doing at a very important time of transition out of the cycle of suffering to rebuild Paradise as it was given to us. This will also be a chance for Vegans and transitioning Vegetarians to support and help each other.

This is a free event.
Donations welcome (whatever you can afford) to cover rental, materials and refreshments and to help me with my vegan activism.
Please bring your own crystal that you like to work with.

The Therapy Centre