Astral Travelling 5 week meditation course

This event finished on March 21, 2016

Are you ready to free your mind?

How would you like to travel the galaxies in your Sovereign Light Body?

‘’We are all made of Starlight’’

After my first experience of Astral travelling, the whole Universe opened up to me, and everything I had thought about the experience we are having in our physical bodies changed quite profoundly. It was a highly healing, deep and life expanding experience where the illusion of our physical restrictions melted away. Time stood still and boundaries no longer existed, only the ones we create.

With a little practice almost anyone can learn to astral travel. It is focused concentration at the moment the body falls asleep or moves into deep state of relaxation that result in a conscious astral projection.

You can fly, walk through walls and objects, get answers about life, travel in an instant to anywhere in the world or even beyond etc. It is really a magical experience and gives you a whole new perspective on life and the universe.

It is only provable to those who do it. But there is no mistake. You can be just as aware and conscious there as you are right now, and even more so. Anyone that has astral projected knows that it isn’t a figment of your imagination, or a dream or an altered state of consciousness.

I have put a programme together over 5 weeks aimed at repetition which feels safe and secure and fully grounded. What I love best about this type of travelling is the mind expanding freedom that you find as well as information about your Sovereign self, your true light form. (The other strong point is there is no need to pack or wait in a queue!)

So get on board and book now for your flight!

Each session runs for 2 hours at the Coach House Healing Centre in Marsden from 6pm -8pm. It is not a drop in class but a course of 5 sessions designed to give you time to practice and learn how to Astral project.

Price £75 – for the full 5 week course.

Contact me for more details or to book your place.

The Coach House Healing Centre