Guardians of Lemuria/Weekend Healing Retreat

This event is on November 10, 2018 10:00 am

Remembering the Language of the Heart

10th & 11th November 2018 – The Meditation Centre, Dent, Cumbria

Meditation Centre Dent11/11 The Lemurian Gateway
This is known as the Lemurian New Year and the release of my book ‘Guardians of Lemuria’

Are you remembering Atlantis & Lemuria? Are you called to work for Gaia and restore Lemurian consciousness, (the language of the heart) to our planet? Can you rediscover the Lemurian heart within you?
On this weekend of meditation and healing in this wondrous space, where are heads will be clear and our hearts soothed – we will explore what Lemuria is, and our calling to work with this beautiful consciousness and healing energy whose time has come.
This is where we find ourselves today, through a series of nudges and synchronicity reconnected back to the land known as Lemuria, an ancient civilisation, a lost mythical continent of the Pacific Islands and my heart is in direct line to the mystical lands of Hawai’i, some will say the original Garden of Eden. This is where the ancient codes are carried, in the lineage from the people of the Pleiades, Sirius and the majestic animals of the sea and land.
Are you a Guardian of Lemuria?
If you are reading this there is probably no doubt… but you can confirm it to yourself by answering these questions.

Did Lemuria really start to register or strengthen on your radar after 2012?
Are you a drawn to whales and dolphins?
Do you feel a longing to be near or in the ocean?
Are you a healer working with energy/plants or the healing arts and drawn to helping others?
Do you feel a heart pain when you see the Earth being destroyed?
Do you feel deep connection to ALL animals (not just pets) and feel the deep trauma of our treatment of them?
Can you communicate with animals and plants on another plane of consciousness?
Do you feel as if ‘you have come home’ when visiting the Pacific Islands or the Pacific Ring either physically or in your dreams? Does it fill your heart with so much emotion you could burst?
Do you feel the call of the star systems?
Do you understand a vibration of sound in the Polynesian language that helps you remember somewhere deep inside, a language lost, one of the stars?
Do you feel free when using your voice and do you ‘speak’ or sing a language of light?
Do you feel the call of the lost feminine? Do you have memories of a role in an ancient time as a Priestess or someone working within the healing arts?
Are you helplessly drawn towards quartz crystals?


The lost civilisation of Lemuria
Lemuria wasn’t just a continent, it’s a galaxy, a solar system, a planet, a dimension, a sacred site, a state of being, an energy and consciousness in itself, – Lemuria is the Mu of all Beings. The Motherland. If we look at in terms of consciousness, the whole planet could indeed become Lemurian. We can start with ourselves, our light in rebuilding the Golden Age.
The age of the Lemurians was indeed said to be a heart based civilisation, a Golden Age of an advanced race with its culture deeply in unity with the stars, Earth, elements, oceans, plants and animals.

Our weekend together takes place in the tiny but beautiful village of Dent in a very special light and beautiful place with access to gardens and nature on the doorstep.
Our workshop will include:
Past life regression to visit Atlantis & Lemuria
Journey to the Pleiades and the 11/11 Gateway
Activating your Lemurian starseed crystal
Activation of the Solar Star and Sun Disc of Lemuria.
The Language of the heart from Sirius/Dolphin Codes/ Rainbow Sound bath and group voice work.
We will be exploring the ancient connections to the mysticism of Hawaii and Land of the Light. This will involve movement, Grace in Aloha, Ho’oponopono, breath work and the technique among the healers of Polynesia known as ‘Bone Washing’.
Ocean healing meditation


The Meditation Centre is a beautiful and inspirational place in Dent Village among the hills and dales of Cumbria. Dent is a village in Cumbria, England. It lies in Dentdale, a narrow valley on the western slopes of the Pennines within the Yorkshire Dales National Park. It is about 4 miles (6 km) south east of Sedbergh and about 8 miles.
There are B&B’s, pubs and cafes in Dent, but limited due to the size of the village, but more accommodation can be found in nearby Sedbergh. Please bring a packed lunch – there is a kitchen for storage or you can visit the nearby establishments for lunch.

What to bring:
Yoga mat or padding for meditation (the Centre has underfloor heating)
Warm, comfy layers, blankets and slippers (no shoes policy in the Centre)
Wellies and waterproofs as we will be venturing outside
Packed lunch – tea and coffee will be available all day

Investment £125 for both days
Deposit to secure your space £50
Please message me at to book your space
The Meditation Centre:

The Meditation Centre