Sisterhood of the Rose

This event is on March 17, 2018

2 Day transformational Workshop celebrating the Return of the Divine Feminine, held at Dacre Hall (thought to be the oldest village hall in the country with a rich history), Lanercost Priory, Cumbria, CA8 2HQ.

The rose is the symbol of the Goddess. From past life regressions, memories, dreams and channellings people have remembered the time of the Lemurian Priestesses and later Atlantis. There were 12 groups, of 12 women who regularly convened to send out the Divine pink flame of unconditional love to the four directions of the Earth. They were truly walking the pathway of Divine Love in perfect commune with the Earth, her creatures and the planets of the Pleiades & Sirius.  Dog-Star

All codes of knowledge and hidden mysteries were anchored into the earth and hidden in the crystals to re-emerge when humanity would be ready.

The Sisterhood then appeared as the priestesses of Isis in Egypt whose symbol was a rose. The Sisterhood then continued through the powerful priestess energy of Mary Magdalene, from the order of the Essenes, known as ‘The Apostle to the Apostles’’, bringing balance to the sacred masculine and sacred feminine. Could the modern Sisterhood be composed of those awakening to the sacred feminine going back through the timelines to Lemuria?

The rose mysteries have continued through the ages with the symbolism as the Goddess in many aspects unifying life on this planet as we create the new Divine Template.

During our weekend together we will explore what it means to recreate the Goddess in our own lives, and reinstate the Priestess much needed at this time where we are powerfully creating our own Template of the Golden Age. With powerful meditation activations, sound and toning, taking us back to the Temples of Lemuria & Atlantis restoring our rightful place and ancestry among the stars and the light beings of multi-dimensional consciousness. In this beautiful sacred site, rich in history and power of the Earth we will work with the energy of these great buildings to assist in restoring Mother Earth back into balance.

About the Venue:

Dacre Hall is reputed to be the oldest village hall in England and forms part of the 12th Century Lanercost Priory, set in the beautiful Irthing valley, just 2 miles from Brampton and Hadrian’s Wall.




Included in the workshop price of £150:

(12 spaces available)

  • Powerful activation of the Goddess meditations
  • Lemurian seed crystal
  • Lunch at the beautiful Lanercost tea rooms on both days
  • Entry to the English Heritage site Lanercost Priory
  • Sisterhood of the Rose information booklet

What to bring:

Yoga mat or something comfortable to lie on

Comfortable layered clothing

Waterproofs, warm clothes, hats, gloves and wellies (just in case!)

We will be spending time outside at the Priory and you may also want to visit the Mary Magdalene church opposite the Dare Hall which has a fascinating history and beautiful glass windows of much significance.

The foundation date was traditionally 1169, but can only be dated between 1165 and 1174 on the evidence of charters. The dedication to St. Mary Magdalene is unusual in the region. It is also a very unusual dedication considering the times and the prevailing attitudes towards the feminine.

Lanercost 1


There are some good options for B&B locally and there are also self- catering cottages if you prefer, as the World Heritage Site of Hadrian’s Wall is very close to this amazing sacred site.

Terms and Conditions

 The price for the weekend workshop is £150

A deposit of £75 secures your place and the balance is due on the 1st of February. Your deposit will be refunded on cancellation if your space can be filled (less advertising costs). If Indigo Moon cancels the event for any reason your deposit will be refunded. Please consider taking travel insurance.

The cost of the workshop includes lunch on both days plus training materials but not accommodation.

Please ask for a booking form for transfer details –

Lanercost Priory