The Starseed Series: Sirius Awakening

This event is on April 14, 2018 2:30 pm

As part of a series of workshops centering around our starseed origins, we learn about why our ancestors were so deeply fascinated with star systems and the legends and myths associated with them. On this workshop we will start with Sirius,the trinary star system the Canis Major constellation and is the brightest star in our night sky. It is often called the dog star because of this. Sirius is associated with the Egyptian God Osiris and is the star of life and rebirth. Sirius also is Known as the God star for our galaxy. Sirius is entangled with our solar system in the galaxy in that the two solar systems are revolving around a fulcrum point in space together while travelling with the rest of the stars in the milky way. Sirius is one of the major portal systems of our galaxy and is very busy for interstellar travel.
The lost continent of Lemuria was said to have origins from Sirius and that the dolphins carry the codes of the stars.
Most people on this planet that have connections with the Sirians often find themselves attracted to the waters of the planet and the citations of the sea. The Sirian beings are master healers and have a very strong connection to mother Earth and the nature of this planet. The native and indigenous peoples of this planet have had many interactions with all these beings from Sirius and have learned much of their knowledge of plant medicines and the mechanics of our weather and cycles from the Sirian beings.

lemurian dolphins
In this workshop we will work with healing meditations to the oceans and the beings that live there with the help of dolphin coded hidden knowledge within our galactic connection to the stars.
Price: £15
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Event held at The Therapy Rooms, Springhead, Saddleworth.

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