Reiki – A Spiritual Perspective of a Compassionate Diet

Can we practice Reiki and be meat eaters? The question of diet has come up many times over the years and I am now adding it to my Angelic Ascension Reiki training manuals as an important discussion about our personal Ascension process and karma. Is it necessary to have a plant based diet to be... View Article

Can we practice Reiki and be meat eaters?

The question of diet has come up many times over the years and I am now adding it to my Angelic Ascension Reiki training manuals as an important discussion about our personal Ascension process and karma.

Is it necessary to have a plant based diet to be a Reiki practitioner? My answer to this is, no it does not – as you will channel the energy and evolve on your spiritual path according to what is needed for your lessons in this lifetime. Reiki is available to all people from all walks of life, it is the Universal Energy.

Am I giving you a reason to consider a gentler, higher vibrational and more peaceful way to live in this lifetime? To this I answer unequivocally – Yes.

From the aspect of your growth and spiritual path then a healthy and more peaceful diet can affirm that you are walking the walk, and protecting the entire circle of life by simply not contributing to the suffering on the planet of the voiceless, whether people or animals.

“All beings tremble before violence
All fear death
All love life
See yourself in others
Then whom can you hurt
What harm can you do?”
~ Buddha

One of the Usui Reiki principals that we follow in classes is ‘Be kind to all living beings’. It is important to understand that as living examples of a compassionate lifestyle we must extend that connectedness to ALL living things as much as we possibly can.

So let’s have a look at the impact of a meat based diet on the planet and our lives. Over 56 billion farmed animals are killed every year by humans. More than 3,000 animals die every SECOND in slaughterhouses around the world. These shocking figures do not even include fish and other sea creatures whose deaths are so great they are only measured in tonnes. (Source

From an industry where livestock covers 45% of the planet this is disastrous for the ecosystem. From the perspective of the animals it is an apocalypse. From a vibrational view this is a disaster dealing out a very low frequency with so much suffering and violence entering our daily space. For our physical well being we are potentially eating extremely unhealthy food and from a spiritual and karmic perspective… well you can get the picture.

Livestock and their byproducts account for at least 32,000 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year, or 51% of all worldwide greenhouse gas emissions.


How can we be a truly compassionate spiritual being and be complicit with the mass terror inflicted on millions of animals every minute of the day? You may turn your head from the ugly material that is out there proving this, but that doesn’t eliminate the ugliness. What about calling or comparing other races of humans to “animals”? This makes it possible for the masses to turn their head when a genocide of a particular race happens on this planet. Are you seeing the connection here? It means that violence perpetuates violence and we can make an individual contribution to step out of that violence.

When your grandchildren come to you one day and ask what you did during the holocaust of the animals, what will your answer be?

The Ascension Process

High Frequency Foods for Lightworkers and Ascension

High Frequency Foods are those left in the natural state, unprocessed, no chemicals or genetic alterations. As Light, Energy Beings our body and all of its radiating cells, organs and systems, operate on their own frequencies and interact with the frequencies we introduce to them. High frequency foods “speak” to our body to a cellular level in the language designed for it. Most people are not eating as Light Beings which contributes to disease and feelings of being off balance.  Introducing high frequency foods will allow your body to experience higher energy levels, a more conscious state of awareness, more balanced energy and a less toxic body at a cellular level. Additionally, the benefit for those who are weight conscious is that the more you feed your body what it needs, the more efficient it becomes and the less you need to feed it.


The Sanskrit word karma means “action”, or more specifically, any material action that brings a reaction that binds us to the material world. Although the idea of karma is generally associated with Eastern philosophy, many people in the West are also coming to understand that karma is a natural principle, like time or gravity, and no less inescapable. For every action there is a reaction. According to the law of karma, if we cause pain and suffering to other living beings, we must endure pain and suffering in return, both individually and collectively. We reap what we sow, for nature has her own justice. No one can escape the law of Karma.

Due to the horrendous slaughtering techniques of animals in our modern world, one may wish to consider what is really being absorbed when eating meat. The mental cruelty, complex chemicals, the fear, pain and terror experienced by the animal are part of what we consume. Studies have shown that the consumption of meat products increases aggressive behaviour. For these reasons, vegetarians have the opportunity to live in higher consciousness.

Angelic Ascension Reiki

This course balances out the 4 body system, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Along with the Angelic attunements are powerful clearing ascension meditations which help the student to clear the karmic debt and ancestral baggage built up over lifetimes. This work has been brought through at just the right time for planetary ascension drawing on Usui and Shamballa along with the frequency of the Angelic realms.

Since 2012 the planet has begun it’s ascension into new consciousness as scientists have also found that Earth is also physically passing through the central core of a massive photon belt floating through our solar system.  Being inside this core of the photon belt and in cosmic alignment with the centre of the Milky way, is what is causing this higher vibration to reach our planet, creating a massive shift to higher consciousness. Scientists have also said that our planet may reach a zero point in our magnetic field, causing everything to speed up, and make every human being experience a dramatic shift in their perception of reality. Everyone on our planet will be shifting from 3D consciousness to the 4D and 5D “enlightened reality”, bringing humanity into the Aquarian age of being one unified harmonious world working together in peace.

As we work through these changes happening right now in the world, where we have seen recent mass shifts in consciousness those that are in resistance will find the changes tricky. Those working on their spiritual path are here to support others in peace and compassion. Taking part in meditation, healing, yoga will not only support your journey but will filter thought to others around you. Your diet is a huge part of this lifestyle to bring about a strong body, mind and a compassionate heart to yourself, the animals and the eco system.

How can I start?

A spiritual lifestyle involves discipline, study, meditation, healing and looking after mind and body. A gentle diet can be part of this practice.

The Archangels and Diet

Meditate on this issue around a clean diet and call in Archangel Ariel for support. Ask for the courage and strength to change in whatever way works for you without judgement or harsh self talk. Archangel Ariel is aligned with the Natural World, with Animals and with Elementals.  In this capacity Ariel is a Guardian and healer of Animals and is an ally toward conservation of our natural world. Ariel will work autonomously and/or alongside Archangel Raphael for healing both wild and domestic animals.  She invites us to call upon her for angelic assistance regarding any issues relating to animals and/or with conservation.

Be an Activist for Peace

At this time it’s not enough to just talk about ‘love and light’. We need to be love. We need to be light. We must be peace. We have been gifted a life on this beautiful planet Earth and need to pay her some rent. We can’t change the world single handed but we can change ourselves. If each individual person does their bit, can you imagine the difference it will make?

I have always been an activist since childhood, I was protesting outside McDonalds at a young age and later in my 20’s I worked at the Body Shop in the environment and community project and Lynx (the anti fur campaign which through tireless work helped shut down the fur trade in this country). If you are starting out a new way to live it can be daunting. However all the things that I have discussed in this article can be done by one person without confrontation with others who may not share your same sense of enlightenment. Take one change at a time without judging yourself if you don’t succeed straight away.

I turned my back on meat and fish as a child as soon as I made the link to what I was eating was a living being killed for my food. This was distressing to me and I haven’t gone back in 40 years. I am still shifting and improving and am I’m aiming for a Vegan diet. Each day I look to make improvements for a better contribution to the world. For you, just make a start. A shift in consciousness is all you need. Buy Organic where you can. Purchase food without chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics and who knows what else. Get creative with your cooking and cut out the toxic food out of your life and you will make huge gains on your spiritual path.

If you teach Reiki, bring these discussions about high frequency food into class, it doesn’t have to have a militant vegetarian or vegan agenda but a healthy and peaceful one. The Ascension path is one that will bring about huge changes and they are unavoidable so let’s work together with humanity and support for our journey.


Thank you for taking the time to read this and I wish you many blessings and peace.

“When one becomes a vegetarian, it purifies the soul” – Isaac Bashevis Singer, Author, Nobel laureate


“Truly man is the king of beasts for his brutality exceeds theirs. We live by the death of others: we are burial places” – Leonardo Da Vinci, Artist, scientist, poet and musician.